What is another word for spying?

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Spying is an activity that involves observing someone or something covertly. The word spying can be synonymous with other terms, such as surveillance, watching, monitoring, or observing. These words all relate to the act of secretly watching or following someone or something to gather information. However, they may vary in their intensity, intention, and legality. For instance, surveillance is often used by law enforcement agencies for legitimate purposes, while stalking or spying is deemed as a violation of privacy. In summary, while spying has a negative connotation, there are many other synonyms that reflect similar activities that may be more neutral or positive in their meaning.

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    Spying is a clandestine activity whereby individuals or organizations monitor or collect information covertly. Historically, spying has involved the acquisition of information by stealth or subterfuge. It has been used as a political tool, as well as a criminal enterprise.

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