What is another word for stints?

Pronunciation: [stˈɪnts] (IPA)

Stints are temporary periods of time that are typically characterized by their brevity or limited duration. There are several synonyms for the word stints, including spells, intervals, stretches, tours, and shifts. Each of these words conveys a sense of temporary duration, although they may be used in slightly different contexts. For example, a "spell" might refer to a short period of time during which someone performs a particular task, while a "shift" suggests a more defined work schedule. Similarly, an "interval" or "stretch" could refer to a temporary break or pause in a long-term activity. Overall, these synonyms provide helpful alternatives to the word "stints" and can be used to add variety and nuance to one's vocabulary.

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Usage examples for Stints

My Jo-si-ah never stints me in dresses, and you may spoil a dozen of 'em if that'll do you any good."
"The Master of the Ceremonies"
George Manville Fenn
Mrs. Parlin kept saying it was high time for her eldest daughter to begin to be womanly, and do long stints with her needle: she could not sew as well now as she sewed two years ago.
"Little Prudy's Sister Susy"
Sophie May
She gives me stints, and sends me to bed."
"Janet's Love and Service"
Margaret M Robertson

Famous quotes with Stints

  • As the eagle cannot soar upon a single wing, so the ministry is unprofitable and joyless which stints devotion.
    Andrew Thomson (Broughton)

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