What is another word for tighten?

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Tighten is a verb that means to make something firm or secure. There are numerous synonyms for the term "tighten," including fasten, secure, clamp, cinch, lock, constrict, tighten up, narrow, tense, and stiffen. Fasten is generally used to indicate the use of nails, screws, or other connectors. Secure is used to indicate the use of locks, bolts, or other means of locking something in place. Clamp and cinch are generally used to indicate the use of clamps or belts to hold something in place. Lock is used to indicate the use of a key or combination to secure a door, gate, or other device. Constrict and narrow refer specifically to making something smaller in size or circumference. Tense and stiffen can refer to making something more rigid or tense.

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    Tighten is a verb meaning to make a device, such as a screw, more secure or stable. Some example phrases are "tighten the screws," "tighten up the bow," and "tighten the belt." In technical jargon, tightening refers to the act of reducing the yield or stress in a material or a device.

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