What is another word for stirred?

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The word "stirred" is commonly used to describe an action of movement or agitation. However, in order to add more variety to your writing, it is useful to know some other synonyms for this word. Some options include "shaken," "disturbed," "roused," "awakened," "disrupted," and "unsettled." Each of these words carries a slightly different connotation and can communicate a different level of intensity or urgency. By utilizing a range of synonyms for "stirred," you can add depth and nuance to your writing and make it more engaging for readers.

Synonyms for Stirred:

How to use "Stirred" in context?

There are many things that stir people's emotions, from passionate arguments and passionate love to stirring stories and stirring events. More than anything, stirring is anything that causes a reaction in someone, whether it is positive or negative.

There are a great many things that can stir a person's emotions, but one of the most potent and primal is fear. When fear strikes, it can be both physically and emotionally crippling, and it is the root of many stirring stories. Take, for example, the story of David and Goliath.

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