What is another word for unexcited?

Pronunciation: [ˌʌnɛksˈa͡ɪtɪd] (IPA)

Unexcited, a term used to describe a lack of enthusiasm or interest, has numerous synonyms. Some of the most common include disinterested, apathetic, indifferent, bored, blase, lackluster, and unenthusiastic. Each of these words carries a slightly different meaning, with disinterested suggesting a lack of bias or involvement, apathetic indicating a lack of emotion or concern, and indifferent implying a lack of preference or importance. Bored and lackluster both indicate a lack of energy or excitement, while blase suggests a jaded attitude. Unenthusiastic, on the other hand, is a straightforward synonym indicating a lack of enthusiasm or excitement.

What are the hypernyms for Unexcited?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for unexcited?

Unexcited means lacking in enthusiasm or excitement. Its antonyms are words that represent the opposite emotions, such as thrilled, elated, animated, excited, or exhilarated. These words are the polar opposites of unexcited. They denote a feeling of happiness and enthusiasm, which are the qualities that unexcited lacks. When someone is excited, for example, they are full of energy, thrilled, and passionate about something. They cannot be described as unexcited in any way. Therefore, using antonyms of unexcited can help to express the opposite emotions and create more diverse and nuanced writing.

What are the antonyms for Unexcited?

Usage examples for Unexcited

There was reassurance in his calmness and unexcited dignity.
"The Tempering"
Charles Neville Buck
In the frame of that open doorway Mrs. Becker and her husband would kiss, the unexcited matrimonial peck of the taken-for-granted which is as sane to the taste as egg, and as flat, and then the night-in-and-night-out question that for Lilly, rigid there behind the door, never failed to thrill through her in little darts.
"Star-Dust A Story of an American Girl"
Fannie Hurst
And yet Gainor, a well-tried friend of the sheriff, seemed unexcited.
"Black Jack"
Max Brand

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