What is another word for clammed up?

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Clammed up is a colloquial expression that refers to the act of becoming silent or tight-lipped, especially in situations that require communication or revelation. This phrase is often used to describe a person's reluctance to speak, due to fear, anxiety, or a desire for privacy. There are many synonyms for the phrase "clammed up," which include terms such as muted, speechless, hushed, sealed lips, buttoned up, uncommunicative, and tongue-tied. Each of these words describes a person's unwillingness to share their thoughts or feelings, whether intentionally or because of shyness or nervousness. While these terms all convey a similar idea, they differ in nuance, tone, and implications, providing a range of options for writers and speakers to choose from.

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How to use "Clammed up" in context?

Last night, I tried to talk to my best friend about going to a party with us tomorrow night, but she kept clammed up. I don't know what's wrong, but she's not being very communicative lately. I'm starting to feel like she's avoiding me, and I don't know why. I hope she's not getting mad at me for asking her to the party, because I really want to go.

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