What is another word for Suppressing?

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Suppressing is the act of restraining or holding back something or someone, and there are several synonyms for this term. One synonym is repressing, which means preventing something from being expressed or acting against it. Another synonym is stifling, which refers to suppressing or preventing something from growing or developing. An additional synonym is quelling, which means suppressing or putting a stop to something, such as a revolt or protest. Other synonyms for suppressing include curbing, subduing, suppressing, taming, and smothering. In summary, there are various words that can be used interchangeably with suppressing, and each of them conveys the idea of restraining or holding back.

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    Suppressing encompasses a wide range of techniques and activities that help to prevent or reduce anxiety in individuals. Suppression techniques fall into one of three general categories: cognitive (thinking and believing), emotional (feeling andbehavioral), and behavioral (outward actions).

    Cognitive suppression techniques involve trying to reduce the number of thoughts about or images of the anxious object or situation. This may be done by practicing one's relaxation Response, which involves taking deep breaths and focusing on slow, even movements.

    Emotional suppression techniques involve trying to decrease the intensity or frequency of thoughts and feelings about the anxious object or situation.

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