What is another word for diminishing?

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Diminishing refers to a reduction or decrease in something's size, quantity, or intensity. Synonyms for this word can include declining, decreasing, dwindling, shrinking, shrinking away, diminishing returns, and dropping off. Other words you could use to convey a similar meaning might be fading, waning, withering, weakening, lessening, falling off, ebbing, vanishing, receding, or tapering off. Different synonyms can carry slightly different nuances or levels of intensity, so choose the one that best suits your intended meaning. Whether you're talking about a gradually disappearing resource or a declining interest in a topic, there are many words you can use to communicate the concept of diminishing.

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    In mathematics and other academic disciplines, diminishing is a concept in set theory and in mathematical analysis, which states that for every set S there is a smaller set S1 such that for every elements x of S, there exists a least y such that x ≤ y ∈ S1. If S is any set, then S1 is the set of Cartesian products of elements of S.

    When it comes to natural numbers, every number can be written as the sum of integers. For instance, 5 can be written as the sum of 1, 2, 3, and 4.

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