What is another word for nipping?

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Nipping is defined as biting or pinching with cold temperatures. Synonyms for nipping include frosty, icy, biting, chilly, frigid, and cold. These words can be used to describe weather conditions or the cold sensation one may feel. Another synonym that can be used to describe biting or pinching is sharp, which can be used to convey the sharpness or intensity of the pain. These synonyms are useful in writing about cold weather conditions, describing winter sports like skiing or ice skating, or expressing discomfort when experiencing a cold sensation. Ultimately, using synonyms for nipping allows for more precise and colorful writing.

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When it comes to antonyms for the word "nipping," there are several words that come to mind. The opposite of nipping could be gentle or mild, where there is no harshness or severity involved. The term "nipping" is often associated with cold and chilling weather, so the antonyms for nipping could also be hot, warm or balmy. Soft is another antonym that could be used to describe the opposite of nipping. Whereas nipping implies a quick, cutting feeling, the opposite would be slow or gradual. In addition to these suggestions, there are many other antonyms and related words that could fit the bill, depending on the context and situation involved.

Usage examples for Nipping

Charlotte sat on his knee, a very earnest figure, her teeth nipping her lower lip, her brows frowning with a very real perplexity.
"The Locusts' Years"
Mary Helen Fee
No ray of sunlight ever streamed down there, and the great hollow was dim and cold and filled with a thin white mist, though a nipping wind flowed through it.
"The Greater Power"
Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton
There was a stiff, biting wind blowing straight down the river, nipping the fingers and toes of the crowd about the landing and whirling away the smoke from the chimney of the boat-house.
"The Crimson Sweater"
Ralph Henry Barbour

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