What is another word for constrain?

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The word "constrain" means to limit or restrict something or someone. There are several synonyms for the word "constrain" that can be used to add variation to your writing. These include "constrict," "restrain," "limit," "restrict," "curtail," "hem in," "hamper," "hold down," and "tie up." All these words depict a sense of confinement or restriction in some way. By incorporating different synonyms for the word "constrain", it is possible to convey more precise shades of meaning and add interest to your writing.

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How to use "Constrain" in context?

Constrain is defined as to restrict in some way or to deprive of something that is desired or needed. Verbally, one can say "I will constraint myself to only eat salads for the next week." In this statement, the individual is promising to themselves to only eat salads for the next seven days. This type of constraint can be mental or physical. A physical constraint would be when someone has to sit in a certain position for an extended period of time. A mental constraint might be when someone sets a goal they want to achieve and prohibits them from doing anything that would prevent them from reaching that goal.

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