What is another word for trappings?

Pronunciation: [tɹˈapɪŋz] (IPA)

Trappings are the accessories, clothing, or paraphernalia that accompany a particular role or position. Synonyms for trappings include accouterments, equipment, gear, adornments, embellishments, trimmings, finery, regalia, appurtenances, or accessories. Each synonym contains a different connotation, such as gear and equipment relating to practicalities, while embellishments and trimmings relate to aesthetics, and regalia and finery relate to honor. Accouterments and appurtenances infer a comprehensive and necessary set of possessions. It is important to note that trappings are elements that frame the setting, so it could be seen as different synonyms for trappings. Depending on the context, any of these alternatives could make an effective replacement for the term trappings.

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Usage examples for Trappings

At the table on our right sat a young fellow whose military harnessings were very new and very stiff, but in spite of the heat, a high collar and all his trappings he managed to put away a very comfortable repast.
"My Home In The Field of Honor"
Frances Wilson Huard
Only he had on some local trappings my men never had.
Durham, Andrew Everett
The trappings of the rest of the party were also splendid in proportion to their rank.
"Henrietta Maria"
Henrietta Haynes

Famous quotes with Trappings

  • The trappings of lifestyle are often that; traps.
    Thomas Leonard
  • I really love to act; I love everything about it. I've never had this addiction to being known. I mean, sure, if you go into acting, there's part of you that is saying, 'I want attention' but I was brought up to work to deserve attention, and it is the work, not the trappings that are important.
    Christopher Meloni
  • Once you touch the trappings of monarchy, like opening an Egyptian tomb, the inside is liable to crumble.
    Anthony Sampson
  • A life lived with integrity - even if it lacks the trappings of fame and fortune is a shinning star in whose light others may follow in the years to come.
    Denis Waitley
  • For I say unto you in all sadness of conviction that to think great thoughts you must be heroes as well as idealists. Only when you have worked alone -- when you have felt around you are a black gulf of solitude more isolating than that which surrounds the dying man, and in hope and despair have trusted to your own unshaken will -- then only can you gain the secret isolated joy of the thinker, who knows that a hundred years after he is dead and forgotten men who have never heard of him will be moving to the measure of his thought -- the subtle rapture of postponed power, which the world knows not because it has no external trappings, but which to his prophetic vision is more real than that which commands an army. And if this joy should not be yours, still it is only thus you can know that you have done what lay in you to do -- can say that you have lived, and be ready for the end.
    Oliver Wendell Holmes

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