What is another word for tawdry?

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Tawdry is an adjective that describes something cheap, tasteless and showy. It is commonly associated with cheap jewelry or tacky clothing. Some synonyms for Tawdry include gaudy, tacky, cheap, flashy, garish, flamboyant, vulgar, showy, and loud. These words describe items that are over-the-top and lack class. Gaudy and garish are often used to describe clothing that is too brightly colored or patterned. Tacky and cheap are used to describe items that are made with low-quality materials. Flashy and flamboyant describe things that are intended to draw attention to themselves. Vulgar and showy are used to describe things that are in bad taste and lack refinement.

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    Tawdry is a word that often means cheap and vulgar. It is usually used to describe something that is not respectable. Tawdry clothing is often low quality and meant to be looked at not worn. Tawdry stories are exciting, but not very serious.

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