What is another word for handsome?

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There are numerous synonyms for the word "handsome" that one can use to describe an attractive person. Some of the most common synonyms include attractive, good-looking, charming, elegant, debonair, dapper, and striking. Other synonyms could be words such as alluring, stunning, gorgeous, captivating, beautiful, or even suave. The choice of the most appropriate synonym to use will depend on the context, tone, and theme of the message one is trying to communicate. However, all these synonyms paint a picture of someone who is not only physically appealing but also captivating and charming in personality.

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How to use "Handsome" in context?

When someone is described as "handsome", it generally means that they are appealing and attractive in a physically impressive way. They may be considered well-built or have striking features, and may be seen as someone you would want to be around. Having good looks can sometimes be a source of pride, and can be an important part of a person's self-esteem. There is no one definition of "handsome", but it generally implies a certain level of physically attractiveness.

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