What is another word for trashy?

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Trashy is a word that typically connotes something of low quality, poor taste, or lacking in class. Synonyms for trashy could include words like vulgar, tasteless, tacky, or even kitschy. Other synonyms for trashy might depend on the specific context in which the word is being used. For example, one might describe a low-budget movie as trashy, in which case synonyms could also include words like cheap, lowbrow, or even shoddy. Another example might be calling someone's clothing or behavior trashy, in which case synonyms could include words like gaudy, flamboyant, or even promiscuous.

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    There's no mistaking that trashy is definitely a word that conjures up a certain image in our minds. When we think of trashy, we're likely picturing someone who's dressed down and unkempt, someone who's not taking care of themselves. Trashy might also refer to things or activities that are considered beneath the dignity of a person or something. In short, trashy is a word that describes someone or something that's lower class or uncouth.

    There's nothing wrong with admiring a bit of trashy style.

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