What is another word for flashy?

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When describing something as "flashy," we often mean it is showy, attention-grabbing, or ostentatious. However, there are many synonyms we can use to convey this same meaning in a more nuanced way. For example, we might describe something as gaudy, glitzy, or flamboyant if it is particularly bright or colorful. Alternatively, we might use words like brash, bold, or loud to imply that something is attention-grabbing or in your face. For a more negative connotation, we could use words like tacky, garish, or kitsch to suggest that something looks cheap or poorly made. Ultimately, there are many different ways to describe flashy things, and the right word will depend on the context and intended tone of the writing.

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When it comes to style, there are few things as flashy as a diamond ring. But what about other forms of flashy jewelry? Necklaces, earrings, rings...these accessories can really raise your style quotient. So when it comes to choosing flashy jewelry, don't be afraid to go all out! Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your flashy accessories:

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