What is another word for meek?

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Meek is a word that describes someone who is timid, submissive, or humble. Synonyms for the word meek include mild, docile, gentle, and submissive. Other synonyms for meek include obedient, compliant, tractable, and acquiescent. Meek also denotes being unassuming, shy or retiring and synonyms for this definition include modest, unpretentious, unassuming, and humble. People who are meek are often patient and tolerant, and other synonyms to describe these traits include forbearing, long-suffering, and enduring. Overall, synonyms for meek portray a person who is subdued and submissive in nature but carries a certain charm and humility in their attitude towards people and situations.

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How to use "Meek" in context?

"meek" is an adjective that describes someone who is mild, passive, and shy. "Meek" is often used to describe people who feel powerless or who have difficulty asserting themselves. "Meek" is not a bad thing, but it can sometimes be difficult to live up to the descriptor.

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