What is another word for tempo?

Pronunciation: [tˈɛmpə͡ʊ] (IPA)

When it comes to music, the term "tempo" refers to the pace or speed at which a piece is played. However, there are numerous synonyms for this word that can provide a more nuanced understanding of the piece's character. For example, the term "allegro" indicates a lively, fast-paced tempo, while "adagio" connotes a slow and mournful rhythm. Meanwhile, "presto" is used to describe an extremely fast and lively tempo, while "grave" indicates a slow, solemn pace. Other possible synonyms for "tempo" include "meter," "beat," and "rhythm," all of which highlight different aspects of how a musical piece is arranged and performed.

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Usage examples for Tempo

Seated beside Colonel Wallifarro in the dust-covered car that raced from ward to ward, while the Colonel's face streamed sweat from the hurried tempo of his exertions, Boone marvelled at the fashion in which these men combined indomitable perseverance with self-contained patience.
"The Tempering"
Charles Neville Buck
Then I began a more rapid tattoo on the bottom of the box, and the changed tempo confused him, so that he stopped at once, and would not tap again.
"Edge of the Jungle"
William Beebe
The music abruptly changed its tempo and the march broke up into a waltz.
"Under the Skylights"
Henry Blake Fuller

Famous quotes with Tempo

  • The tempo is the suitcase. If the suitcase is too small, everything is completely wrinkled. If the tempo is too fast, everything becomes so scrambled you can't understand it.
    Daniel Barenboim
  • But there's actually a lot of punk bands out there that go out of the norm, use odd time signatures, or a lot of different tempo changes in a song.
    Travis Barker
  • I got bored with the old way - it came too easy. I worked until I could play and chord changes at any tempo in any key, and then said 'What else is there?' Now I'm finding out.
    Don Ellis
  • People know me for up-tempo songs because of my hits.
    Eddie Floyd
  • I snapped my fingers all through it. Sometimes I set my own tempo during rehearsal by doing that.
    Tennessee Ernie Ford

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