What is another word for temporal?

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Temporal is an adjective that refers to something relating to time. It can also mean relating to the Roman Catholic Church or a materialistic view of the world. If you are looking for synonyms for temporal, you can use the following words: chronological, historical, fleeting, transient, momentary, time-bound, passing, evanescent, limited, and brief. These words all relate to time in different ways, from describing moments that are passing quickly to referencing events from the past. By using synonyms for temporal, you can add variety to your writing and better express ideas related to time.

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How to use "Temporal" in context?

The temporal is a class of verbs that expresses an action that takes place in a certain time period. Time can be a factor in the action, or the action may be an automatic response that takes place regardless of the time. Some examples of temporal verbs are eat, sleep, work, and play. The temporal can be combined with other moods to create expressions like I ate breakfast this morning, She slept for eight hours last night, He worked weekends, and We played tennis yesterday.

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