What is another word for era?

Pronunciation: [ˈi͡əɹə] (IPA)

Era is a term used to describe a historical period. However, there are many different synonyms for the word era, each with a slightly different meaning or connotation. For example, time period, epoch, age, and generation all refer to different aspects of history with varying durations and levels of significance. Some synonyms may also suggest a more specific context, such as reign or dynasty in relation to monarchies. Additionally, terms like phase or period may imply a more fluid shifting of cultural, social, or environmental factors as opposed to a strict chronological map of history, providing nuance and context to historical analysis.

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Usage examples for Era

Our slight knowledge of the art, in its early state we owe to such records, as have been handed down to us from that which may be termed the golden era of civilisation in Egypt.
"The Operatic Problem"
William Johnson Galloway
Such then is the idea of the working class, which is, or is destined to be, the ruling principle of society in the present era of the world.
"Contemporary Socialism"
John Rae
These would form the living seed-corn of the new era.
"Contemporary Socialism"
John Rae

Famous quotes with Era

  • In all parts of the Old World, as well as of the New, it was evident that Columbus had kindled a fire in every mariner's heart. That fire was the harbinger of a new era, for it was not to be extinguished.
    Charles Kendall Adams
  • The passionate controversies of one era are viewed as sterile preoccupations by another, for knowledge alters what we seek as well as what we find.
    Freda Adler
  • A lot of things happened in a lot of places. And to see how well it was handled in Atlanta. There are a lot of reasons for Atlanta being a special town in the Civil Rights era.
    Ivan Allen
  • I went through the whole number, you know. The swing era, the boogie woogie era, the bebop era. Thelonious Monk is still one of my favorites. So a lot of these people had their effect on me.
    Mose Allison
  • I was part of it, and I am still part of it today in terms of what it means to a whole new generation of people who are interested in the enduring energy, achievements, spirit and creativity that exemplified our era.
    David Amram

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