What is another word for palpitation?

Pronunciation: [pˌalpɪtˈe͡ɪʃən] (IPA)

Palpitation is a medical term that refers to the sensation of abnormal heartbeats. However, there are several synonyms to describe this condition. For instance, arrhythmia refers to any irregular heartbeat, including palpitations. Heart flutter, rhythm disturbance, and heart racing are also commonly used to describe palpitation. Other synonyms include heart pounding, irregular pulse, and rapid heartbeat. These terms can help patients to more accurately describe their symptoms to doctors or loved ones. In any case, if you experience palpitations or any irregular heartbeats, it is important to seek medical attention to ensure your heart health and identify the underlying cause.

Synonyms for Palpitation:

What are the hypernyms for Palpitation?

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Usage examples for Palpitation

She had hardly done speaking, when Dorcas came running up in a hurry- she set even my heart into a palpitation-thump, thump, thump, like a precipitated pendulum in a clock-case-flutter, flutter, flutter, my charmer's, as by her sweet bosom rising to her chin I saw.
"Clarissa, Volume 5 (of 9)"
Samuel Richardson
Then another thought occurred to her which gave her a little heart palpitation.
"Amarilly of Clothes-line Alley"
Belle K. Maniates
And when the evening games began, Pope Joan, and Speculation- What head could keep its poise and plan, With the heart in palpitation?
"Fringilla: Some Tales In Verse"
Richard Doddridge Blackmore

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