What is another word for changeable?

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The term "changeable" denotes something that can be modified or altered frequently. There are many synonyms for this term, including variable, mutable, adaptable, fluid, and fluctuating. Other synonyms for "changeable" include capricious, fickle, mercurial, and volatile. Each of these words carries a slightly different connotation, but they all describe something that is subject to change. Some synonyms emphasize the idea of something being unpredictable or inconsistent, while others highlight the potential for growth or adaptation. By using these synonyms, writers can convey the nuances of change in different contexts and situations.

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    The word "changeable" can be used to describe something that can be changed easily or that can be adapted to different situations. A changeable object is easier to move and manipulate, which may be helpful in a crowded space or when there is limited space. Additionally, a changeable object may be easier to clean or maintain.

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