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Armament refers to the military weapons and equipment used to fight in war. However, there are many synonyms for armament that can be used in different contexts. One of the most common synonyms for armament is weaponry, which refers to all the weapons and equipment used by the military or any armed forces. Another synonym is ordnance, which refers to military supplies, including weapons, ammunition, explosives, and vehicles. Military technology is another synonym, which refers to the latest weapons and equipment used in armed conflicts. In summary, the term armament can be substituted with many other words that roughly mean military weapons and equipment.

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How to use "Armament" in context?

Armament, to most, is just a word with no real definition, a concept that is hard to wrap your mind around. But for those who deal with the defense industry, armament is everything. It is the set of weapons and equipment used by the military to wage war. It is also the collection of items used for protection, especially from physical attack. And, lastly, it refers to any means of supplying military power.

Arming a country is an expensive and lengthy process that starts with acquiring the necessary raw materials and manufacturing the weapons and equipment.

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