What is another word for undetected?

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[ ˌʌndɪtˈɛktɪd], [ ˌʌndɪtˈɛktɪd], [ ˌʌ_n_d_ɪ_t_ˈɛ_k_t_ɪ_d]

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    Synonyms for Undetected:

    How to use "Undetected" in context?


    Cancer, the ultimate "undetected" disease. If it weren't for the symptoms, cancer could easily go undetected for years. In most cases, the first sign of cancer is a vague discomfort or pain, which may or may not be accompanied by a change in appearance. Early detection is crucial for a successful treatment and prognosis. Despite the advances in cancer detection technology, some cancers remain undetected for years.

    Cancer can occur any place in the body and can arise from any type of tissue. About 1 in 7 people will develop cancer during their lifetime, and 1 in 3 deaths worldwide is attributed to the disease.

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