What is another word for indistinct?

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Indistinct refers to something that is not clear or well-defined, making it difficult to understand or perceive. Synonyms for indistinct include vague, fuzzy, blurred, hazy, obscure, faint, unclear, shadowy, dim, and misty. These words are often used to describe something that is not easily distinguishable, such as a distant object, a faint sound, or an ambiguous idea. Each synonym has its own nuances and some may be more appropriate in certain contexts than others. It is important to choose the right synonym that accurately conveys the intended meaning and creates the desired effect in the reader's mind.

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    "indistinct" is an adjective that means not clear or certain. When we use it, we mean that something is not easy to separate or recognize. For example, the plants in the garden are indistinct because we can't see their individual differences very well. The clouds in the sky are also indistinct, and we can't tell which ones are mountains, which ones are valleys, and which ones are lakes.

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