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The word "who" can commonly be replaced by several synonyms that possess the same or similar meanings in various contexts. Some of these synonyms include "whomever," "whatever person," and "someone." Other synonymous words for "who" include "whosoever," "whosever," and "whomsoever." Additionally, "whichever individual," "whichever one," and "whose person" are also commonly used synonyms for "who." The use of these synonyms can add variety to writing and help avoid repetition of the same words. A writer can choose the most appropriate synonym for "who" according to the sentence structure, tone and context of the writing.

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    How to use "Who" in context?

    Over time, words have been used to describe many different people. Depending on the context and the person being described, the word "who" can be used to refer to someone specific, or to an entire group. In general, "who" can be a noun or a verb.

    When used as a noun, "who" can refer to a single person. For example, "I saw who came in last" means "I saw the person who came in last."

    When used as a verb, "who" can refer to doing something or being something.

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