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There are various synonyms for the word "sent" that can be used to express the action of delivering or dispatching something. Some common synonyms include "delivered", "dispatched", "forwarded", "transmitted", "conveyed", "relayed", and "sent out". Other synonyms for this word can depend on the context and nature of the message or package being sent, such as "shipped", "mailed", "airlifted", "delivered in person", "handed over", or "released". The use of different synonyms can add a creative and varied flair to one's writing or speaking, as well as allow for a more precise and concise expression of the intended meaning.

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    Sentence is the smallest unit of meaning in a language. A group of related sentences is a text. Sentences can be simple, like "I went to the store." Or they can be more complex, like "I went to the store to buy a bandanna but I got a new shirt instead." Sentence structure plays a big role in how readers understand texts. In this article, we'll explore the basics of sentence structure and what role it plays in reading.

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