What is another word for constitutes?

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[ kˈɒnstɪtjˌuːts], [ kˈɒnstɪtjˌuːts], [ k_ˈɒ_n_s_t_ɪ_t_j_ˌuː_t_s]

Constitutes is a verb that refers to something that forms or makes up a whole. There are numerous synonyms one can use in place of this term, including comprises, embodies, entails, represents, includes, features, embodies, produces, represents, causes, and forms. These words indicate that something is either a component or a result. Comprises means to include all the parts and elements that make up a whole, while embodies means to express or symbolize a particular quality or idea. Conversely, entails means to involve or imply, and represents means to stand in for or act as a symbol for something else. When writing, it is essential to use synonyms to add meaning and variety to your written work.

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How to use "Constitutes" in context?

"constitutes" is a word that is often used in legal settings. It is used to describe things that make up a set or group. Legal uses of the word typically refer to things that are required before a court can render a decision or take action. In this context, "constitutes" can refer to things like evidence or statutory provisions.

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