What is another word for acquittal?

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Acquittal is a term used in the legal system, which refers to a court's verdict that a defendant is not guilty of the crime they have been accused of. There are a few other words that can be used interchangeably with acquittal, including exoneration, vindication, absolution, and discharge. Exoneration refers to the action of relieving someone of a charge of blame or fault. Vindication also implies clearing someone from wrongdoing or suspicion. Absolution refers to the act of pardoning or forgiving someone for their past actions. Lastly, discharge is a term used for freeing someone from the legal obligation to face trial or to remain imprisoned. All these words are the synonyms of acquittal, but have a slightly different meaning and usage.

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Acquittal is a term used in law to describe the end result of a criminal case where the individual is not found guilty of the crime charged. Acquittal does not mean, however, that the accused is innocent. In many jurisdictions, an acquittal merely means that the prosecution failed to convince a jury of the individual's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In some cases, an acquittal may also mean that the prosecution did not present enough evidence to support a conviction.

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