What is another word for immunity?

Pronunciation: [ɪmjˈuːnɪti] (IPA)

Immunity refers to the ability of an organism to resist or defend itself against the harmful effects of foreign substances. There are various synonyms for immunity which include resistance, protection, defense, invulnerability, insusceptibility, and exemption. These words are commonly used to describe the body's natural defenses against infections, bacteria, and diseases. Resistance implies the power to withstand an attack or force, while protection refers to the act of shielding from harm. Defense connotes a proactive measure to prevent harm, while invulnerability suggests being impervious to the negative effects of a pathogen. Insusceptibility refers to the lack of responsiveness or sensitivity to a particular disease, and exemption implies being freed from the rules or laws governing others.

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Immunity refers to a person's ability to resist infections and diseases. However, there are certain antonyms for the word immunity that can indicate weakness and vulnerability to illnesses. Some of the antonyms for immunity include susceptibility, vulnerability, and defenselessness. These words suggest a lack of resistance to infections and a higher risk of falling ill. While immunity is crucial for maintaining good health, its antonyms remind us to take necessary precautions such as vaccinations and practicing good hygiene to prevent illnesses. Therefore, it is important to understand both the positive and negative aspects of immunity to maintain wellness and a healthy lifestyle.

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Usage examples for Immunity

It is only after the first three plagues that the immunity of Israel is mentioned; and after the next three, when the hail is threatened, instructions are first given by which those Egyptians who fear Jehovah may also obtain protection.
"The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus"
G. A. Chadwick
The new route seemed to promise, also, immunity from the highly disturbing effects of certain North Greenland currents.
"My Attainment of the Pole"
Frederick A. Cook
If scattered groups among the general public should ever gain immunity-as far as we know only idiots and the deaf can do that-they could never carry out a successful revolt.
"The Instant of Now"
Irving E. Cox, Jr.

Famous quotes with Immunity

  • In Darwin's time all of biology was a black box: not only the cell, or the eye, or digestion, or immunity, but every biological structure and function because, ultimately, no one could explain how biological processes occurred.
    Michael Behe
  • With the absence of a flu vaccination last year, I did not take a flu shot; but there is still some immunity that carries over from year to year; but about every 30 years, there is a major change in the genetics of the flu virus.
    Michael Burgess
  • My initial interest, just prior to my work on cytokines, was on cell-mediated immunity and delayed hypersensitivity, mostly with respect to the cells that populated these reactions.
    Stanley Cohen
  • But even before that, in 1980 I went so far as to write a book about what had happened. And I wrote all about the bank robbery, I went ahead and printed it even though I had no use immunity for it.
    Patty Hearst
  • There are two other SLA members who have been granted immunity and then also, one of the SLA members had confessed to two other people, and those people, I'm sure, will be called as witnesses, as they were at the grand jury.
    Patty Hearst

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