What is another word for commutation?

Pronunciation: [kˌɒmjuːtˈe͡ɪʃən] (IPA)

Commutation refers to the process of changing one thing into another. There are several synonyms for the word commutation, including conversion, transformation, shift, alteration, permutation, and substitution. Each of these words connotes a different type of change or transformation. Conversion suggests a complete change in form or character, while transformation implies a more gradual process of change. Shift and alteration both imply a change from one state or condition to another, while permutation suggests a rearrangement of elements. Substitution refers to the replacement of one thing with another, often in a one-to-one exchange. Regardless of the specific synonym used, commutation implies a movement from one state to another, and each word captures a unique aspect of this process.

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Antonyms for the word "commutation" would be nouns such as prolongation, extension, perpetuation, or continuation, as they imply the idea of something going on without any changes. Other antonyms could include words such as retention, preservation, or stagnation, which would suggest a lack of movement or alteration of a particular state. Additionally, antonyms for the verb "commute" could include words such as retain, continue, or persist, which would signal a lack of change or alteration from a given point in time. Ultimately, the antonyms for "commutation" would depend on the context and meaning of the particular use of the word.

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Usage examples for Commutation

A location near a railroad station offers the possibility of low commutation rates to a point of industrial or commercial employment.
"A Living from the Land"
William B. Duryee
I could see the face with which he would listen to it; I could read in the lines of it his thought, that to put forward such an impudent farrago would mean merely the disappearance of any chance there might be of a commutation of the capital sentence.
"The Woman in Black"
Edmund Clerihew Bentley
To illustrate how heavily the taxes were already beginning to weigh on the non-militant part of the population, my informant proved to me by very clear figures that, if he individually could secure permanent exemption from such burdens by the absolute sacrifice of one-tenth of his whole property, real and personal, the commutation, would be decidedly advantageous to him.
"Border and Bastille"
George A. Lawrence

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