What is another word for overlooking?

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Overlooking usually refers to a vantage point where one has a view or vista of a certain area. Some synonyms for the word include observing, surveying, monitoring, scanning, or supervising. In a sense, it also means paying attention and being aware of what is happening in the surroundings. On the other hand, overlooking may also imply neglect or disregard. When used this way, it can be substituted with words like ignoring, discounting, dismissing, or underestimating. Depending on the context, understanding the connotations of the word is essential in choosing the most appropriate synonym to use.

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How to use "Overlooking" in context?

Overemphasizing your strengths can have a detrimental effect on your career. How so? According to the article "The Cost of Strong Selves: overlooking Potential Hazards to Career Growth" by Kelly Buchanan, "individuals who overemphasize their strengths tend to be more satisfied with their current jobs, and they are more likely to receive promotions than employees who emphasize their weaknesses." This is because most employers look for signs of satisfaction and progress in an employee, and those who are satisfied with their current position and think their strengths are their only selling points are likely to overlook any potential problems.

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