What is another word for zany?

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[ zˈe͡ɪni], [ zˈe‍ɪni], [ z_ˈeɪ_n_i]

The word zany can be used to describe someone who is unusual or wacky in a humorous way. However, if you're looking for other words to use instead of zany, you can try eccentric, kooky, whimsical, or unconventional. These synonyms share similar meanings and are great alternatives to use when you want to describe someone who is fun-loving, quirky, and unpredictable. Other options include bizarre, peculiar, or weird, but these words have a stronger negative connotation. Ultimately, the synonym you choose will depend on the tone you want to convey.

Synonyms for Zany:

How to use "Zany" in context?

When one thinks about zany, a few images come to mind. Maybe someone is running around in circles or making silly faces. Sometimes people might think of wacky characters on a sitcom or in a movie. But what makes a person zanied? According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word is derived from the Dutch word zannen, which means 'to surprise, astonish.' The act of being zanied can be a comedic one, but usually, it is something that causes a person to be caught off guard.

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