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The word "rational" means something that is based on reason, logic or common sense. Some synonyms for the word rational are: logical, sensible, reasonable, sound, cogent, prudent, pragmatic, analytical, coherent, and rationalistic. These words can be used interchangeably in sentences to hold similar meanings. For example, when one is making a logical decision based on available reasons, it can be said that one is making a rational decision. Alternatively, if someone is behaving sensibly in a given situation, then they are said to be acting in a rational manner. In summary, the synonyms for rational highlight similar traits and characteristics that focus on reason, logic, and sound thinking.

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    Philosophers have long debated the merits of rational thinking, with some arguing that it is the only method capable of unlocking the secrets of the universe, and others contending that it is nothing more than a tool that can be used to justify any illogical decision.

    Despite its detractors, rational thinking has been shown to be a reliable method of problem solving, and can be incredibly effective when used alongside other methods. It can help us to understand and address challenging situations, and to make sound decisions based on available information.

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