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[ɐfˈɛkʃən], [ɐfˈɛkʃən], [ɐ_f_ˈɛ_k_ʃ_ə_n]

Synonyms for Affection:

affection (noun)

attachment, devotion, feeling, fondness, friendship, liking, love, regard, respect, sentiment, tenderness, warmth.

disease (noun)

ague, ailment, apoplexy, attack, breakdown, bug, collapse, complaint, complication, condition, curse, debility, decrepitude, disability, disease, disorder, fever, feverishness, handicap, illness, indisposition, infection, infirmity, infliction, malady, malaise, nausea, pestilence, queasiness, sickliness, sickness, spasm, symptom, syndrome, unhealthiness, virus.

feeling (noun)

agitation, ardor, emotion, experience, impression, mood, passion, response, sensation, sympathy, thrill, tingle.

friendship (noun)

affinity, amiability, amicability, chumminess, closeness, companionability, congeniality, empathy, friendliness, like-mindedness, neighborliness, sociability, warmheartedness.

love (noun)

adoration, amorousness, communion, crush, desire, endearment, faithfulness, idolization, infatuation, intimacy, kinship, oneness, romance, sentimentality, worship.

Other synonyms and related words:

CENTRE, Distemperature, Eros, For, abnormality, access, acute disease, adherence, admiration, adore, adulation, affect, affectionately, affectionateness, affections, affective faculty, affectivity, affliction, agape, ail, ailing, allegiance, allergic disease, allergy, aloha, amativeness, amity, amor, amore, amorous, amount, animus, anticipate, appear, appetite, appreciation, approbation, approval, aptitude, ardency, ardour, ascertain, atrophy, attend, attention, attitude, attraction, attribute, attribution, aversion, awe, bacterial disease, be apt to, be fond of, be in love, be kind to, be partial to, be wedded to, bear love to, behold, being in love, beloved, beneficent, benevolence, benevolent, bent, bias, birth defect, blight, bodily love, bosom, brotherly love, cardiovascular disease, care, care for, caritas, case, cast, catch, center, character, characteristic, charitable, charitableness, charity, cherish, chronic disease, circulatory disease, cling to, comity, compassion, compulsion, concern, concupiscence, congenital defect, conjugal love, consider, consideration, consult, contemplate, core, craving, craze, darling, dashing, dear, dedication, deep sense, defect, deference, deficiency disease, deformity, degenerative disease, demonstrativeness, derangement, detestation, device, devoted, devotedness, differentia, discern, discover, dislike, disposition, distemper, distinguish, disturbance, doting, dulcet, dutifulness, eagerness, earnestness, ecstasy, emotional, emotional attachment, emotional charge, emotional life, emotional shade, emotions, enchantment, endemic, endemic disease, endocrine disease, endurance, enjoy, enjoying, entertain a love, enthusiasm, envisage, envision, epidemic disease, escort, essence, esteem, estimation, eternal wound, examine, expect, explore, eye, faculty, faithful love, fanaticism, fancy, fascination, favor, favoritism, favour, fear, feature, feeling tone, feelings, fellow-feeling, fervor, fervour, fetich, fetish, fidelity, finer feelings, fingerprint, fixation, fixe, flamboyant, flame, flashy, fond, fondly, foreboding, free-lovism, frigid, frill, front, functional disease, fungus disease, garish, gastrointestinal disease, gaudy, generosity, genetic disease, gentle, gist, goatishness, good will, goodness, goodwill, grand, gust, gusto, gut reaction, habitude, hallmark, hang-up, hankering, heart, heart and soul, heartthrob, hereditary disease, hero worship, high opinion, high regard, hold dear, honey, honour, horniness, horror, hug, humanitarianism, humanity, hunger, iatrogenic disease, idolatry, idolism, ill, impulse, inclination, infectious disease, inspiration, intend, intensity, interest, inwardness, itch, keenness, kernel, kind, kindheartedness, kindliness, kindly, kindness, lasciviousness, leaning, libido, like, likes, loathing, longing, look, look at, loud, loveless, lovelornness, lovemaking, lovesickness, loving, loving attachment, lovingly, lovingness, loyalty, lust, lustfulness, magnanimity, make much of, mania, mark, married love, marrow, meat, merciful, middle, morbidity, morbus, muscular disease, nature, nerve, neurological disease, note, nub, nutritional disease, obsession, occupational disease, organic disease, ostentatious, overemotional, pandemic disease, paroxysm, partiality, particularity, passions, pathological condition, pathology, pathos, peculiarity, penchant, pet, philia, phobia, physical love, pietism, piety, pip, pith, pity, plant disease, popular regard, popularity, predilection, predisposition, preference, preoccupation, presentiment, prize, proclivity, profound sense, proneness, propensity, property, protozoan disease, psychosomatic disease, pump, puppy love, quality, quirk, rapport, rapture, reaction, readiness, religionism, religiosity, relish, repute, respiratory disease, revere, reverence, rockiness, romanticism, savoir-faire, savor, secondary disease, seediness, seem, sense, sensibilities, sensibility, sensitivity, sentiments, set, sexiness, sexual love, shine, showy, sick, sickishness, sickly, sign, signs, soft spot, softheartedness, solicitude, soreness, soul, spell, spiritual love, spunk, stamp, substance, sufferance, suffering, sum, supportance, susceptibilities, susceptibility, sweet tooth, sympathies, sympathize with, symptomatology, symptomology, symptoms, take to, tamper with, taste, tendency, tender feeling, tender passion, tender susceptibilities, tenderheartedness, tenderly, terror, thing, thirst, thought, ticker, tie, togetherness, tolerance, trait, trouble, truelove, turn, turn of mind, undercurrent, understanding, unloving, unsoundness, urogenital disease, uxoriousness, velleity, veneration, virtue, virus disease, warmly, warmness, wasting disease, weakness, willingness, worm disease, yearning, yen, zeal.

Rhymes for Affection:

  1. inspection, introspection, intersection, interjection, projection, inflection, election, defection, predilection, dissection, direction, perfection, objection, insurrection, correction, rejection, detection, injection, protection, selection, reflection, recollection, infection, resurrection, ejection;
  2. section, flexion;
  3. complexion, connection, confection, collection;
  4. disaffection, imperfection, disconnection, circumspection;
  5. overprotection, interconnection;

Quotes for Affection:

  1. LET us honour the King by cherishing respectful Sentiments concerning him; speaking of him with Affection with Esteem and Reverence; and by promoting a like Spirit and Conduct in others. Charles Inglis.
  2. We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection Dalai Lama.
  3. After my mistress was dead, I lived most comfortably, my master having a great affection for me. William Lilly.