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[hjˈuːmə], [hjˈuːmə], [h_j_ˈuː_m_ə]

Synonyms for Humor:

amusement (noun)

amusement, celebration, distraction, diversion, divertissement, entertainment, frivolity, fun, game, hilarity, hobby, jocularity, jolliness, levity, merriment, pastime, play, pleasure, recreation, refreshment, relaxation, sport, stimulation, tonic, whimsicality.

wit (noun)

adroitness, artfulness, astuteness, brilliance, canniness, cleverness, comedy, craftiness, cunningness, deftness, drollness, facility, finesse, foxiness, ingeniousness, intellect, inventiveness, irony, quickness, resourcefulness, scintillation, scurrility, sharpness, shrewdness, slyness, sophistry, subtleness, trickiness, urbanity, wiliness, wit.

Other synonyms and related words:

Attic salt, Atticism, Comicality, Gloze, Gore, Rheum, accommodate, accord, adenoid, admit, affect, affections, agile wit, aid, allow, ambiversion, amiability, amuse, animus, antibody, antigen, apdisposition, appease, applicability, aptendency, aptitude, aptness, arterial blood, attic wit, baby, badinage, banter, bay, bear with, beatify, bee, bee in one's bonnet, bent, beplaster, beslaver, beslubber, bespatter, bias, biliousness, black humor, bless, blood, blood bank, blood cell, blood count, blood donor, blood donor center, blood group, blood grouping, blood picture, blood platelet, blood pressure, blood serum, blood substitute, bloodmobile, bloodstream, bodily fluid, body fluid, body-build, bogginess, boutade, brain, brainpower, brainstorm, brand, buffoonery, burlesque, butter, cajole, capriccio, caprice, capriciousness, card, caricature, cast, cast of mind, cast of soul, cater, cater to, chaffing, character, characteristic, characteristics, cheer, chitchat, chyle, chylous, circulation, claret, class, clear, climate, clinical dextran, clowning, coax, cocker, coddle, cog, collogue, colostrum, comedy club serving, comicalness, complexion, comply with, composition, conatus, concede, conceit, conducement, conduciveness, connive, connive at, constituents, constitution, content, coquet, cosset, cotton, courage, court, crank, crasis, craze, crazy idea, creative, crotchet, cruor, cue, curry favor with, cut the knot, cycloid personality, cyclothymia, damp, dampness, delight, deobstruct, deoppilate, desire, desire slake, dewiness, dextran, dharma, diathesis, direction, disburden, discharge, disembarrass, disencumber, disengage, disentangle, disposition, divert, drift, drollery, dry wit, dudgeon, earwig, ease, eat, ectomorphism, ectomorphy, emancipate, encourage, endomorphism, endomorphy, enliven, entertain, erythrocyte, escapade, esprit, ethos, exonerate, extricate, extroversion, extrovertedness, exudation, facetiousness, facilitate, fad, fancy, fantastic notion, fantasy, farce, farcicality, fashion, faun upon, favor, favour, fawn upon, feather, feeling, fiber, fickleness, fit, flatter, flimflam, flippancy, fluid, fogginess, fondle, fool notion, frame, frame of mind, frame of soul, freak, freakish inspiration, free, free from, fulfill, funniness, funny business, fuss over, gag, gags, gaiety, genius, germinal, give in, give permission, give power, give way to, gladden the heart, glaver, gleet, globule, globulin, grain, gratify, gravy, grovel, grume, ha-ha, habit, habit of mind, habit of soul, haemoglobin, happiness, harebrained idea, heart, hematics, hematologist, hematology, hematoscope, hematoscopy, hemocyte, hemoglobin, hemometer, high spirits, hit one's fancy, hue, humectation, humorousness, humors, humour, ichor, idea, idiocrasy, idiosyncrasy, ilk, imagination, impulse, inclination, individualism, individuality, indulge, inelastic fluid, ingoingness, instrumentality, introversion, introvertedness, irritability, irritation, isoantibody, jest, jesting, jocoseness, jocosity, jocularly, jocundity, joke, jokes, jokey stuff, joking, jolly, joy, joyfulness, juice, key, kidding, kind, kink, lachryma, lactation, lampoon, leaning, leaning to, learning ability, let, leukocyte, leukorrhea, liability, lick the dust, lifeblood, lighten, lighten the labor, lightness, liquid, liquid body substance, liquor, love, lubricate, ludicrousness, lymph, lymphatic, lymphoid, maggot, make, make happy, makeup, marshiness, matter, meet one's wishes, megrim, mental ability, mental capacity, mental state, mentality, mesomorphism, mesomorphy, mettle, milk, mind, mistiness, modality, mode, moistiness, moistness, moisture, mold, mollify, mollycoddle, mood, morale, mould, moulder, mouldy, much, mucopurulent, mucor, mucus, nature, neutrophil, nimble wit, nisus, note, notion, nurse, oblige, ok, opsonin, original, originative, other-directedness, outgoingness, overindulge, overpraise, pamper, pandar to, pander, pander to, parody, particularity, passing fancy, pay court to, peccant humor, peevishness, penchant, peppiness, permit, personality, personality tendency, pet, phagocyte, phlegm, physique, pique, placate, plasma, plasma substitute, playfully, playfulness, pleasantry, please, point, popularize, prank, predilection, predisposition, pretty wit, proclivity, proneness, propendency, propenseness, propension, propensity, property, puff, purulence, pus, qualities, quality, quench, quick wit, quirk, raillery, rainfall, raininess, ready wit, recognize, red corpuscle, refresh, regale, rejoice the heart, relieve, render easy, repartee, ribaldry, ridiculousness, s bent, saliva, salt, sanies, sap, sarcasm, satiate, satire, satisfy, savor of wit, savory, schizoid personality, schizothymia, seminal, sense of humor, sense of humour, serosity, serous, serous fluid, serum, set, shade, showeriness, singularity, slapstick, slapstick humor, slaver, smooth, snappishness, snot, soddenness, sogginess, somatotype, soothe, soppiness, sort, spirit, spirits, spoil, squib, stamp, state, state of mind, strain, streak, stretch a point, stripe, submit, subservience, subtle wit, suchness, suffer, supposition, suppuration, surliness, susceptibility, swampiness, sweat, sweet-talk, sympathy, syntony, system, take one's fancy, tear, teardrop, temper, temperament, tendency, tenor, tickle, tickle one's fancy, tickle the palate, tolerate, tomfoolery, tone, toughness, toy, travesty, treat, truckle to, turn, turn of mind, type, unclog, unload, unravel, untie the knot, utility, vagary, vagrancy, vein, venous blood, visual humor, vouchsafe, wag, waggery, waggishness, wallow, warm thebless, wateriness, way, wet, wetness, wettishness, wheedle, whim, whim-wham, whimsey, whimsy, whimwham, white corpuscle, wild-goose chase, win the heart, wink at, wisecrack, witticism, wittiness, yield, yield to, zaniness.

Rhymes for Humor:

  1. roomer, bloomer, rumor, tumor, boomer;
  2. consumer;

Quotes for Humor:

  1. All I know about humor is that I don't know anything about it. Fred Allen.
  2. Once we got over the origin story, we could really delve deeper into their lives and characters and angst. So this movie actually has more heart, more humor Avi Arad.
  3. Negative humor is forgotten immediately. It's the stuff that makes us feel better about our lives that lives long. Much more satisfying. Enter children's books. Berkeley Breathed.

Idioms of Humor:

  1. sense of humor