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[pɹətˈɛkʃən], [pɹətˈɛkʃən], [p_ɹ_ə_t_ˈɛ_k_ʃ_ə_n]

Synonyms for Protection:

defense (noun)

answer, argument, armor, aversion, backfire, barricade, barrier, buffer, counterattack, countermeasure, cover, defense, fortress, guard, harbor, moat, rebuttal, reply, resistance, response, retort, return, safeguard, screen, security, shelter, shield, stronghold, support, wall.

safety (noun)

immunity, impunity, inviolability, safety, surety.

Other synonyms and related words:

Lee, Providence, Saviour, Venetian blind, Vulnerableness, abide, abode, absolution, accommodate, accommodation, accusation, actuarial, actuary, adjuster, administration, advantage, aegis, affirm, agency, aid, ammunition, amnesty, anchor, antidote, apologist, apology, approval, armament, arrest, arrestation, assistance, assurance, asylum, attack, augury, auspice, auspices, autarky, authority, avoidance reaction, awning, backing, balk, bastion, beat, bed, beneficence, benefit, bestow, bill of health, bimetallism, blackmail, bless, blind, board, bodyguard, bolster, bolt-hole, bond, boodle, book cover, boosting, breastplate, breastwork, bribe, bribe money, broker, buckler, bulwark, bunk, camouflage, canopy, care, carrier, case, casing, caution money, celebrate, certainty, certificate, certification, champion, chaperon, charge, check, citadel, clear sailing, clearance, cocoon, comfort, comprehensive, concealment, concern, condescend, consecrate, conservancy, conservation, conservationism, constraint, consumerism, continuation, contributory, control, convoy, cooling, cooling down, cooling off, cortege, counter-agent, counteractant, cover plate, cover up roof, coverage, covering, covering operation, covert, curb, curtailment, curtain, custodian, custodianship, custody, deceleration, defence, defend, defender, defending, defense in depth, defense mechanism, defenses, defensive, defy, deign, den, dense foliage, destiny, deterrent capacity, direction, divine intervention, dues, dump cover, dwelling, ease, economy, egis, ego defenses, embankment, encouragement, endorsement, envelope, environmental conservation, escape, escape mechanism, escort, exclusion, excuse, exemption, exoneration, exposure, extortion, eye, fastness, fate, favour, fend, financial independence, financing, fix, forearming, forehandedness, foresight, foresightedness, forest conservation, forest floor, forest management, forethought, forethoughtfulness, fortification, fortune, frailty, free enterprise, free trade, freedom, front cover, full pratique, good offices, governmentalism, graft, gratification, gratuity, guarantee, guaranty, guardian, guardianship, guarding, guerdon, guidance, habitation, hands, harbour, harmlessness, haven, hedge, help, hidden, hide, hide out, hideaway, hidey-hole, hiding-place, hidy-hole, hinderance, hindrance, hold, home, homes, hospital, host in himself, houses, housing, husbandry, hush money, indemnification, indemnity, influence, inhibition, injunction, inoculant, inoculation, inoculum, insecurity, insurance, insusceptibility, interdict, invulnerability, jurisdiction, justification, karma, keep, keeping, kismet, lair, laissez faire, laissez-faireism, lampshade, legal restraint, liability, lifesaver, limitation, line, listening area, localism, lock out, lodging, lot, maintenance, managed currency, management, map coverage, measure, measures, ministration, ministry, monopoly, negative taxis, non-liability, noninterference, nonintervention, not easily revealed, nullification, office, offices, open, oversight, ownership, pad, padding, palisade, paper liner, parapet, parasol, party line, party principle, pass, passport, patent, patrol, patrolling, patronage, patronise, patronize, payoff, payola, perpetuating, perpetuation, place, planned economy, pledge, policing, policy, polity, position, possession, pratique, precaution, precautions, precautiousness, preparation, preserval, preservation, preventative, prevention, preventive, preventive custody, preventive measure, price support, price supports, privilege, prohibition, promotion, prop, prophylactic, proprietorship, propugnation, protect, protecting, protection paper, protectionism, protective cover, protective covering, protective custody, protective tariff, protector, protectorate, provision, psychological defenses, public policy, pump priming, purdah, quarters, racket, rampart, rationing, reassurance, refuge, refuse, rein, release, relief, remedy, renitence, renitency, rescue, reserved, residence, responsibility, restraint, restraint of trade, restriction, retain, retaining, retardation, retention, retreat, retrenchment, risklessness, rock, roof covering, rounds, safe harbor, safe house, safe-conduct, safeguarding, safekeeping, safeness, safety measure, safety net, safety precaution, salvage, salvation, sanctify, sanction, sanctuary, saving, seal rock, sealing formation, sectionalism, secure, security department, security measures, security system, self-control, self-defence, self-defense, self-preservation, self-protection, serum, service, shade, shader, shadow, shakedown, sheath, sheltering, shielding, signalise, soil conservation, sop, sponsorship, squeeze, stability, stand, steps, steps and measures, stockade, stream conservation, strength, succor, succour, suffer, superintendence, supervision, surveillance, sympathy, tariff wall, tax shelter, tender care, tenure, testimonial, therapy, thought control, title, tolerate, tower of strength, trade protection, tribute, trump, trust, trusteeship, tutelage, umbrella, underwriting, unprotected, unsusceptibility, uphold, upkeep, vaccination, vaccine, vantage, veil, vigilance, vindication, visa, visor, vulnerability, ward, wardenship, wardship, warrant, warranty, watchful eye, watchfulness, water conservation, weakness, well-being, wellness, wetlands conservation, wildlife conservation, window-blind, withstand, wrapper.

Rhymes for Protection:

  1. injection, ejection, predilection, interjection, objection, introspection, perfection, intersection, dissection, direction, resurrection, inflection, insurrection, infection, rejection, correction, election, projection, detection, reflection, recollection, inspection, selection, defection;
  2. section, flexion;
  3. complexion, affection, confection, connection, collection;
  4. disaffection, imperfection, disconnection, circumspection;
  5. overprotection, interconnection;

Quotes for Protection:

  1. We need uniform protection of traditional marriage. You can't have different definitions on something as fundamental as marriage. The Marriage Protection Amendment is the only solution to this problem. Ernest Istook.
  2. The real protection of life and property, always and everywhere. Rose Wilder Lane.
  3. In my home State of Texas, the Port of Houston operates as the United States' top port for foreign tonnage and our second largest for total tonnage, so I know how important this bill is for the protection of the American people. Michael McCaul.