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[bˈɒnd], [bˈɒnd], [b_ˈɒ_n_d]

Synonyms for Bond:

agreement (noun)

acceptance, accession, accord, accordance, acquiescence, agreement, arrangement, assent, capitulation, compact, concord, concordance, concurrence, consensus, consent, contract, covenant, deal, empathy, pact, pledge, promise, settlement, stipulation, treaty, unanimity, understanding.

connection (noun)

affinity, association, attachment, connection, correlation, junction, link, relationship.

fastener (noun)

agent, anchor, band, belt, binder, binding, bolt, bonding, brace, bracket, brad, braid, buckle, button, catch, cement, chain, cinch, cincture, clamp, clasp, cleat, clinch, clip, closure, connector, cotter, coupling, fastener, fastening, fuse, glue, go-between, grapnel, guy, hasp, hawser, hinge, hook, knitting, knot, lace, latch, ligament, lock, mediator, medium, middleman, mucilage, nail, paste, pin, rabbet, rivet, seal, skewer, snap, spike, staple, stay, stitch, strap, string, suture, tack, thread, tie, twine, vinculum, vise, weld, zipper.

guarantee (noun)

affirmation, assurance, certification, collateral, countersignature, deposit, guarantee, insurance, lien, oath, safeguard, security, token, warranty, word.

junction (noun)

abutment, adherence, adjacency, affiliation, affixation, alliance, amalgamation, annexation, branch, conjunction, connectedness, consolidation, joint, jointure, juncture, juxtaposition, marriage, meeting, merger, synergy, wedding.

money (noun)

IOU, assets, balance sheet, bank note, bankroll, bill, bullion, capital, cash, change, check, coinage, copper, coupon, currency, dollar, dough, draft, fortune, funds, gold, greenback, gross, income, ingot, issue, loot, lucre, money, money order, moolah, net worth, note, nugget, petty cash, pocket money, pounds, proceeds, profit, promissory note, purse, receipts, scratch, silver, spending money, sterling, stock, swag, treasure, wad, wallet, wampum, ways and means, wealth, wherewithal, worth.

paper (noun)

blotting paper, carbon paper, cardboard, cellophane, crepe, foolscap, manila, newsprint, note paper, onionskin, paper, papier-mache, parchment, rice paper, roofing paper, tarpaper, tissue, vellum, wall paper, wax paper, wrapping paper.

promise (noun)

engagement, mutual agreement, obligation, vow.

attach (verb)

abut, adhere, affix, annex, attach, bind, cling, connect, couple, fasten, hitch, join, juxtapose, marry, merge, relate, splice, stick, wed.

guarantee (verb)

affirm, assure, certify, countersign, ensure, insure, secure, vouch, warrant.

join (verb)

affiliate, ally, amalgamate, consolidate.

Other synonyms and related words:

Bilbo, Bond (finance), Gyve, Handsel, James Bond, Julian Bond, accede, accident insurance, accommodation, accouple, accumulate, action, actuary, add, addition, adhesion, adhesive, adhesiveness, adjunct, adjustment bond, adsorb, advance, affairs, affidation, affidavit, agglomeration, agglutinate, agglutination, aggregation, alignment, alinement, allegiance, amass, amicitia semper prodest, annuity, annuity bond, append, appreciation bond, appropriation, approximation, arbitrager, arbitrageur, articulate, articulation, assemblage, assemble, assented bond, assignat, associate, assumed bond, attest, attract, attraction, authority, aviation insurance, baby bond, back, bail, bail bond, bailout, ball and chain, bandage, bar, bargain, be compatible, be separated from, be sponsor for, bear, bearer bond, bearer certificate, befriend, beguiled, behave, bend, bewilder, bilboes, bill of exchange, bill of sale, binding agreement, blend, blissful, blueback, bona fides, bond anticipation note, bond certificate, bond of union, bond paper, bonded, bonding agents, bonding substance, bonds, bonne foi, bottle-feed, bottomry, bounty, bracelet, bracketing, braze, breastfeed, bridge, bridge over, bridle, brief, bring together, bull, bundobast, burp, business life insurance, buyer, cable, callable bond, calling, calls, camaraderie, camisole, capital-intensive, captive, captivity, cartel, casualty insurance, certificate, certificate of insurance, chains, charter, checks, cheerful, chemical bond, clap together, clasping, claws, cleave, clinging, closeness, clustering, coalesce, coalition, codicil, coffer, cohere, coherence, cohesion, collar, collateral trust bond, collect, collective agreement, combination, combine, come together, commercial paper, commingle, commitment, common stock, commune, communication, component, compound, comprise, concatenate, concatenation, concourse, confederacy, confederation, confinement, confirm, confiscate, confluence, congeries, conglobulate, conglomeration, conjoin, conjugate, conjugation, connecting, connection orconnexion, connective, connexion, consolidated annuities, consolidated stock, consols, consortium, conssanction, constancy, constipate, constituent, constitution, constraint, constraints, contiguity, contract by deed, contract of record, contract quasi, contractual, contrarian, contrariety, contribution, control, controls, convention, convergence, convertable bond, convertible bond, convertible debenture, copula, copulation, cord, cordage, cords, corporate bond, corporation stock, countersecure, coupon bond, coupon rate, coupon-clipper, court bond, covenant of indemnity, covenant of salt, cover, credit, credit insurance, credit life insurance, crystallize, cuff, cuffs, current income bond, current yield, darbies, dealings, debenture, debenture bond, debenture stock, debt securities, debt security, deductible, deduction, deed, deed of trust, deed poll, deep-discount bond, defense bond, deferred bond, definitive bond, delighted, depict, derivative, derive, describe, devotedness, devotion, dicker, discount bond, disjunction, double, draw, draw together, dumbfound, durable, duty, earnest, electrolysis, element, embrace, employment contract, encompass, endorse, endowment insurance, enslaved, entanglement, enthralled, entitlement, equipment bond, equipment note, equipment trust, equipment trust bond, equipment trust certificate, escrow, exchequer bill, extended bond, extract, faith, faithfulness, family maintenance policy, fancy, fangs, fasten together, fealty, federation, feed, feeding, feneration, ferment, fetter, fetters, fiber, fidelity, fidelity bond, fidelity insurance, figure, filament, filiation, firepower, firmness, first mortgage bond, firsts, fit, fit together, fix, flood insurance, follow, fond regard, formal agreement, formal contract, formula, fraternal insurance, friendship, future, gag, gage, gather, gathering, general mortgage bond, general obligation bond, girding, glad, glue down, glue on, glue together, gnarl, go bail, go together, good faith, government bond, government insurance, group policy, guaranteed bond, guaranty, gum, gunk, gyves, halser, halter, hamper, handcuff, handcuffs, happy, harmony, health insurance, high-grade bond, hobble, hobbles, hock, hold, hold fast, hold together, homage, home loan, homology, hook on, hooking, hookup, hopples, hundi, hyphen, hypothecate, hypothecation, impignorate, implied contract, impound, imprisonment, in bondage, include, income bond, incorporate, indemnification, indemnity, indent, indenture, indorse, industrial life insurance, insurance agent, insurance broker, insurance company, insurance man, insurance policy, interchangeable bond, intercommunication, interim bond, interinsurance, interlinking, intermedium, interrelationship, intimacy, investment, investment bond, investment in securities, investor, involvement, iron, ironclad agreement, irons, isthmus, joinder, joining, joint bond, joyful, jubilant, keep to, knotting, lashing, law, lay together, leading strings, league, leaning, leash, leg-iron, legal agreement, legal contract, lending, liability insurance, liaison, license bond, ligation, ligature, liking, limited payment insurance, line, link key, link up, linkage, linking, loan, loan stock debenture, loyalty, lump together, mainprise, major denomination, major medical insurance, make fast, malpractice insurance, manacle, manacles, marine insurance, marshal, mass, match, maturity, means, melt, merging, mingle, minor denomination, mobilize, moorings, mortar, mortgage, mortgage bond, mortgage deed, municipal bond, mutual attraction, mutual company, muzzle, nearness, negotiable bond, network, neutralize, nexus, nominal rate, nonnegotiable bond, nurse, obligate, obligation right, oblige, obligee's right, ocean marine insurance, offshore, operator, oppressed, option contract, optional bond, options, order, overjoyed, oxidize, paction, painter, pair, pairing, paper money, par bond, parol contract, partiality, participating bond, paste on, paste together, pawn, performance, permission, permit bond, perpetual bond, petition, piece together, pignoration, pignus, pillory, pinion, plight, pocket, policy, pose, post, postal money order, postnatal, precipitation, predilection, preference, preferred stock, premium bond, preservation, prison, process, propinquity, prospectus, protection, protocol, proximity, purchase money bond, pursue, put in hock, put in pawn, put together, puts, rapport, reaction, real security, rebate, recognizance, refunding bond, registered bond, registered certificate, rein, reins, reinvest, relatedness, relation, relations, replevin, replevy, requirement, restraint, restraints, restriction, return, revenue bond, riband, ribbon, robbery insurance, roll into one, rollover, rope, ropes, sacrament, sanction, saturate, saturation, savings bond, scalper, seam, second mortgage, second mortgage bond, seconds, section, secured bond, securities, security money, sedimentation, seize, seize the occasion, shackle, shackles, share, share-holder, shinplaster, short seller, sign, sign for, similarity, slavish, small bond, snarl, social security, solder, solemn word, span, special contract, specialty, specialty contract, speculator, spending, splicing, sponsor, sponsorship, spout, stake, stand behind, stand up for, stand-by, state bond, staunchness, steadfastness, stepping-stone, stick by, stick down, stick on, stick to, stick together, stick with, sticking, stickum, sting, stock certificate, stock company, stockholder, stockholder of record, stocks, stocks and bonds, straight jacket, straightjacket, strait-jacket, strait-waistcoat, straitjacket, stranglehold, strong, stupefy, sturdy, subjugated, subpoena, subscribe to, suckle, sum, summons, support, suppressed, surety, surety bond, surplus, symbiosis, sympathy, synthesize, tack on, talons, tangle, tape, tax anticipation note, tax-exempt bond, tax-free bond, teeth, tenaculum, tendon, tendril, tentacle, tenure, term insurance, testament, tether, theft insurance, thongs, tie belt, tie down, tie up, tie-in, tieing, ties, title deed, token payment, trammel, trammel net, trammels, transaction, treasury, treasury bond, troth, trueness, truss, trust, trust indenture, trustee mortgage bond, undersign, undertaking, underwrite, underwriter, unguis, unification, unify, union, union contract, unite, uniting, unity, unsecured bond, vadimonium, vadium, valid contract, vex, vice, voting bond, wage contract, waiver, war bond, warrants, wedge, will, wire, word of honour, yield to maturity, yoke, yoking, zipping.

Rhymes for Bond:

  1. conned, wand, blonde, blond, pond, fond;
  2. respond, beyond;
  3. correspond;

Quotes for Bond:

  1. We are each other's magnitude and bond Gwendolyn Brooks.
  2. Now, I'll tell you something that might interest you. Casino Royale was the first Bond book that Ian Fleming ever wrote. And he couldn't get anybody to touch it, to publish it- he couldn't do anything about it at all. Nobody wanted to know. Val Guest.
  3. Since I was a kid I've wanted to be in a Bond movie. Rick Yune.

Idioms of Bond:

  1. one's word is bond
  2. one's word is one's bond
  3. your word is your bond