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[ɹɪlˈiːf], [ɹɪlˈiːf], [ɹ_ɪ_l_ˈiː_f]

Synonyms for Relief:

aid (noun)

agency, aid, assistance, attendant, avail, benefit, encouragement, endowment, facilitation, help, ministration, mothering, motivation, service, support, sustenance.

condolence (noun)

comfort, commiseration, condolence, easement, reassurance, solace, sympathy.

dismissal (noun)

absolution, amnesty, concession, discharge, dismissal, dispensation, exception, excuse, exemption, freedom, immunity, liberty, license, pardon, permission, privilege, release, reprieve, stay, waiver.

interruption (noun)

break, delay, hiatus, hitch, interlude, interruption, interval, pause, postponement, recess, snag, stoppage, suspension.

relief (noun)

alleviation, appeasement, assuagement, consolation, cure, mercy, mildness, remedy, respite.

rescue (noun)

deliverance, emancipation, extrication, rescue, salvation.

sculpture (noun)

bronze, bust, cameo, carving, cast, figure, figurine, mannequin, molding, sculpture, statue.

Other synonyms and related words:

1099, Excrescency, Phallus, Ruth, Soother, abate, abatement, abetment, abstain, accommodation, accompaniment, acquittal, acting representative, actual throat, acupressure, acupuncture, advantage, aftercare, agent, aggressor, aid and comfort, alimony, allayer, allayment, alleviation of pain, allotment, allowance, alms, alterative, alternate, alternating, alternative, altorilievo, altorivievo, amelioration, amends, amusement, anaesthesia, anaglyph, anaglyptic, anaglyptics, anaglyptography, analeptic, analgesia, analogy, ancillary, anesthesia, annuity, anodyne, anticipate, apparatchik, appease, appropriation, architectural sculpture, aromatherapy, assist, associate, assuage, assurance, audit, auxiliaries, auxiliary, avoid, backing, backup, backup man, bait, balance, balm, balsam, bas relief, bassorilievo, be free, be relieved, befriend, beleaguered, belligerent, bellying, benefaction, benevolence, bloated, blunt, boldness, bombed-out, bone-carving, boost, boss, bounty, bout, bracing, breadwinner, breather, bring forth, bring forward, bring into notice, bring into view, bring out, bring to light, bulging, call into notice, cameo glass, candid, capital, carve, casting, cause, cavo-rilievo, cease, ceasing, ceramic, ceroplastic, ceroplastics, cessation, championship, chance, change, changeling, changing, chargeable, charitable, charity, chasing, cheer, chest tip, clay sculpture, clemency, clothing, co-worker, coffee break, colleague, comforter, comforting, comic relief, commuter, comparison, compassion, computer backup, condoning, configuration, contentment, contingents, contour, contrast, contribution, convenience, copy, corrective, counterfeit, counterpart, cover, cowboy, deaden, deadening, decoration, decorative sculpture, delegate, delight, delineation, demonstrate, depletion allowance, deputy, derange, derivative, design throat thickness, destroy, deus ex machina, development, diminution, disburden, disburdening, disembarrassment, disencumberment, disentangle, display, distract, distraction, disturb, diversion, divert, dole, donate, donation, double, downtime, draw out, drug, dummy, earth art, ease, ease up, easiness, easing, ecstasy, effective throat thickness, egress, elation, elevation, elixir, emancipate, embossed, embossed carving, embossing, embossment, eminence, emollient, engraving, enjoyment, entertain, entertainment, equal, equivalent, ersatz, escape, escape hatch, eternal rest, eternal sleep, euphoria, exchange, excrescence, exhibit, exit, exonerate, exonerating, exoneration, expanded, expose, expose to view, express, extinguish, extricate, extrusion, fake, fall, favor, favour, features, feeling, fellowship, figuration, fill-in, financial assistance, fireman, fix, flash line, flute clearance, food, forbear, forbearance, forbid, forgive, forgiveness, forthright, founding, framework, free oneself, frieze, fun, garden sculpture, gem-cutting, gestalt, ghost, ghostwriter, gibbosity, gibbousness, gift, give notice, glass sculpture, glyph, glyptic, glyptograph, good offices, grace, grant, grant-in-aid, group, guaranteed annual income, guaranteed income, half-time intermission, hand, handout, happiness, head, healing agent, healing quality, health insurance, help in crisis, help relieve, hesitation, high relief, holiday, humanity, hypodermic, imitation, imprint, improvement, in relief, incidental, increase, indemnity, indirect, inferior, inflexible, informality, inning, innings, intaglio, intaglio rilevato, intaglio rilievo, interim, intermezzo, intermission, intermittence, interregnum, ivory-carving, jollity, joy, junior, kindness, land topography, largesse, lay before one, lay open, leap, leg up, leisure, leniency, lessening, let-up, letterpress, letting up, letup, liberalisation, liberalization, liberate, liberation, lift, lighten, lightening, lineaments, lines, load off one's mind, locum, locum tenens, loophole, lost-wax process, low relief, lower, lull, lullaby, lulling, main features, maintenance, make manifest, make no mystery, makeover, makeshift, manifest oneself, marble, mask, medal, medallion, medicine, metal sculpture, metaphor, metonymy, mezzorilevo, mezzorilievo, ministry, minor, mitigate, mitigation, model, modeling, moderateness, moderation, mollification, monumental sculpture, narcotic, next best thing, nirvana, numbing, nursing, obdurate, off-time, office, offices, old-age insurance, one's eyes, opening, opiate, opportunity, outlet, outline, outspoken, overflow groove, pacify, palliate, palliation, palliative, panacea, paper sculpture, pardoning, parian, pastime, pathos, patronage, pecuniary aid, pedestal, pension, personnel, phallic, philanthropy, phony, pity, place, place before one, placidity, plaquette, plaster casting, plastic art, plateau, play, pleasure, plinth, point of repose, portrait sculpture, predecessor, prescription, prevent, price support, proclaim, produce, profile, projection, prominence, protection, protrusion, protuberance, protuberancy, proxy, public assistance, public welfare, publish, quarter, quick fix, quiet spell, quietus, quittance, raceway groove, raised, ransomed, reaction, reassure, receipt, recipe, recovering, recovery, recovery of strength, recreation, recruits, recuperation, redemption, redress, reduce, reduction, reduction in pressure, refection, refocillation, refreshment, regalement, reinforcement, reinforcements, relax, relaxation, relay, relief pitcher, relief-carving, relieve, reliever, relievo, remainder, remedial measure, remission, remitting, render manifest, renewal, repair, replacement, repose, repousse, represent, representative, repress, reserve, reserve forces, reserves, residual, residue, residuum, resort, resource, resreaction, rest, rest period, restfulness, resting point, restitution, restoration, restorative, retirement benefits, revival, rigid, rilievo, ringer, round, run to spoil, safety valve, salience, salient, salve, satisfaction, say, scholarship, sculptor, sculptural relief, sculptured, sculptured glass, sculpturing, second-stringer, secondary, self-improvement, self-pity, set before one, set forth, shapes, shell-carving, shelter, show, show one's colors, show one's face, show up, shred of comfort, shun, sickness insurance, sign, silhouette, simpleness, simplicity, sincere, skeleton, slackening, sleep, slumber, social, social insurance, social security, social security benefit, social welfare, socialized medicine, softening, solacement, soothe, soothing, sovereign remedy, spare, spares, speak out, specific, specific remedy, spell, spoil area, sport, sprew groove, stand-by, stand-in, standby, starting point, state medicine, statuary, statuette, stiff, stipend, stone sculpture, stonecutting, stop, stopping, sub, subdue, subordinate, subsidization, subsidy, substituent, substitute, substitution, subvention, succedaneum, succor, succors, succour, superior, supernatural aid, superseder, supplanter, surcease, surrogate, symbol, synecdoche, tax benefit, temperance, therapy, time, time at bat, time off, token, tooth gullet, tournure, tranquilize, tranquillizer, trot out, tuberosity, tuberousness, turn, turnaround, type of pitcher, unballasting, unbend, unbending, unburdening, uncompromising, understudy, unemployment, unemployment compensation, unemployment insurance, unfreighting, unfurl the flag, unlading, unloading, unravel, unroll, unsaddling, untangle, untaxing, unyielding, upswing, utility player, vacation, variety, vent, vicar, vice president, vice-regent, way out, weakening, welfare, welfare aid, welfare capitalism, welfare payments, welfare state, welfare statism, welfarism, whack, whittling, wile away, wire sculpture, wood carving, workmate, xanthian, xyloglyphy.

Rhymes for Relief:

  1. grief, brief, lief, sheaf, chief, reef, leaf, beef, fief, thief;
  2. motif, belief;
  3. disbelief;

Quotes for Relief:

  1. I provide a little comic relief Anthony Anderson.
  2. The School Energy Crisis Relief Act authorizes the Secretary of Energy to issue energy assistance grants to help the poorest school districts across the Nation offset these unexpected and challenging costs. Joe Baca.
  3. We're kind of the comic relief of this movie because most of the stories are very dark. And that's why these plays were so great, because it's such a dark, dark universe that it becomes funny because it's just too pathetic. Caroline Dhavernas.

Idioms of Relief:

  1. throw into sharp relief
  2. breathe a sigh of relief
  3. stand ( out) in relief