What is another word for Auf Wiedersehen?

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[ ˈɔːf wˈiːdəsˌɛhən], [ ˈɔːf wˈiːdəsˌɛhən], [ ˈɔː_f w_ˈiː_d_ə_s_ˌɛ_h_ə_n]

"Auf Wiedersehen" is a farewell greeting which translates to "until we see each other again" in English. However, there are other ways to bid farewell in the German language. "Tschüss" or "tschau" are informal options for goodbye. "Bis bald" means "see you soon" and "bis zum nächsten Mal" means "until next time." For more formal situations, one can use "Auf Wiederhören" which is a more appropriate phrase for telephone conversations. "Lebwohl" is an archaic term for goodbye and is used in more dramatic or sentimental situations. No matter which phrase is used, the sentiment of "Auf Wiedersehen" remains the same - a hope to see each other again.

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