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Overhaul refers to a comprehensive maintenance or repair of something. There are several other words that can be used as synonyms for this term. For instance, "renovation" refers to the act of improving or revamping something. "Refurbishment" refers to the process of renovating or fix up a building, vehicle, or equipment. "Restoration" is the process of bringing something back to its original state. "Revamping" refers to the process of making something appear newer or fresher. "Rehabilitation" is the process of restoring something to its former glory after damage or neglect. "Reconstruction" involves the total rebuilding of something. Overall, these synonyms can be used in place of overhaul depending on the context.

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How to use "Overhaul" in context?

Overhaul can be defined in many ways, but in short, it refers to a complete overhaul of something, whether it be a machine, a website, or an organization. When overhaul is done well, it can save a lot of time and money and result in a more efficient and effective system.

The reason for an overhaul may be any number of things, including a need for efficiency, a need for new ideas, or a need for a fresh start.

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