What is another word for be-sets?

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[ biːsˈɛts], [ biːsˈɛts], [ b_iː_s_ˈɛ_t_s]

Be-sets means to trouble or afflict someone with something unpleasant or difficult. It is a complex verb that requires the use of other words to convey its meaning. Some suitable synonyms for be-sets are besiege, harass, torment, plague, bother, afflict, burden or pester. These words indicate a sense of constant distress, disturbance, and vexation that people feel when unpleasant experiences hinder their daily lives. This state of being be-sets create a feeling of unease and frustration, which can distract from daily activities or cause mental and emotional strain. Using a synonym for be-sets can help convey the appropriate meaning and tone for the situation under discussion.

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