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Soil is one of the critical natural resources on earth that is essential for plant growth and sustenance of human life. Soil can be referred to as the earth's outer layer, which contains organic matter, minerals, water, and microorganisms. Synonyms for soil vary depending on the context, and some of the common ones are earth, dirt, ground, loam, clay, silt, and topsoil. Earth is usually used to describe the general outer layer of the planet, while dirt, ground, and soil are used interchangeably to describe the loose surface layer that can be dug and manipulated. Loam is a rich and fertile soil, while clay and silt refer to soils with different textures and compositions. Topsoil typically refers to the uppermost layer of soil where most of the plant roots grow and the bulk of the soil's nutrients are located.

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The soil is a vital component of every ecosystem. It is the mixture of minerals, water, and air that supports plants and animals. Soil is important because it is the foundation on which everything else in a ecosystem depends. In fact, the health of the soil is even more important than the health of the plants and animals that live in it.

The soil is constantly being transformed by the plants and animals that live in it. Plant roots breakdown rock and soil and pull up nutrients and water. Animals dig, feed, and move soil around. In turn, the soil provides food and shelter for the plants and animals.

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