What is another word for after part?

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[ ˈaftə pˈɑːt], [ ˈaftə pˈɑːt], [ ˈa_f_t_ə p_ˈɑː_t]

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How to use "After part" in context?

What happens after you part ways with someone? The answer might be different for everyone, but the aftermath of a breakup can be tough for everyone involved. Whether you decide to stay in touch or go your separate ways, the aftermath of a breakup can be a trying time.

Some people might feel sad and helpless after a breakup. They might not know what to do or where to go. Other people might feel anger and resentment. They might blame themselves for the breakup or feel like they're the only ones who are hurting.

The best way to cope with the aftermath of a breakup is to talk to someone.

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