What is another word for courteously?

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[ kˈɜːti͡əsli], [ kˈɜːti‍əsli], [ k_ˈɜː_t_iə_s_l_i]

When it comes to communicating with others, it's important to do so in a polite and respectful manner. One way to achieve this is by using courteous language. Here are some synonyms for the word "courteously" that can help you express your kindness and thoughtfulness: politely, kindly, graciously, respectfully, cordially, charmingly, tactfully, considerately, gallantly, genteelly, civilly. Using any of these words can convey your emotions and convey your message in a courteous way, and they can help you create positive relationships with others, even in challenging situations. Remember, being courteous is key to creating a peaceful and harmonious environment, and showing respect to those around you is essential for building trust, credibility, and rapport.

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    Antonyms for the word "courteously" include impolitely, rudely, impudently, disrespectfully, brazenly, ungraciously, and discourteously. These words refer to behaviors that are opposite to courteousness, which is characterized by treating others with politeness, respect, and consideration. Impolite behavior can be purposely or lack of manners, while rudeness is showing no concern for the feelings of others. An impudent person may be bold enough to disregard basic social conventions, often exhibiting a lack of humility. Disrespectful behavior is a form of verbal or non-verbal communication that shows disregard for the dignity of others. Brazenness refers to shameless and insolent conduct, while discourteous behavior is devoid of kindness and compassion.

    Usage examples for Courteously

    For a while he eyed the young man covertly, then dropped his feet to the floor and turned upon him with a question on the political situation, and deliberately engaged him in conversation, which Harry King entered into courteously yet reluctantly.
    "The Eye of Dread"
    Payne Erskine
    Then he withdrew his eyes from the distance and turned them again on her,-the gold and white being at his feet,-and she seemed to him no longer human, but a phantom from which he must flee, if but he might do so courteously, for he knew her to be no phantom, and he could not be other than courteous.
    "The Eye of Dread"
    Payne Erskine
    Shops were opened late, and if any one wished to buy, they were served courteously and languidly, but there was no "drumming for trade."
    "The Man from Jericho"
    Edwin Carlile Litsey

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