What is another word for affectionately?

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[ ɐfˈɛkʃənətli], [ ɐfˈɛkʃənətli], [ ɐ_f_ˈɛ_k_ʃ_ə_n_ə_t_l_i]

Synonyms for Affectionately:

How to use "Affectionately" in context?

"affectionately" is a word that is used to describe how someone feels about another person. This word is very powerful because it shows that the person who is using it cares about the other person a lot. There are many different ways to use this word and each person will use it in a different way. One way to use affectionately is to say that someone is special to you. You might say this to someone when you are feeling down or when you are feeling happy. Another way to use affectionately is to say that someone makes you happy.

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