What is another word for criticized?

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When writing, it's important to have a varied vocabulary so as to not rely on the same words over and over again. "Critiqued," "condemned," "denounced," "rebuked," and "berated" are all synonyms for the word "criticized." Each of these words has a slightly different connotation that can be used to switch up your writing style. "Critiqued" has a more constructive tone, while "condemned" and "denounced" have a more negative tone. "Rebuked" and "berated" have a more forceful and intense tone. Using different synonyms for "criticized" can add depth to writing and make it more interesting for readers.

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    How to use "Criticized" in context?

    Critics are people who are hired by the media to review films, television shows, or other pieces of art. These people can be either professional or amateur, and their job is to critique the work to ensure that it is of a high quality and meets the standards of the art form they are reviewing. Often times, a critic will receive a copy of the work they are critiquing before the review is published to give them time to review it. When critiquing a work, a critic must be impartial, meaning that the critic should not have any personal feelings about the work being reviewed.

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