What is another word for pretentious?

Pronunciation: [pɹɪtˈɛnʃəs] (IPA)

Pretentious is a word that describes someone or something that is trying too hard to be impressive or serious. If you're looking for synonyms for this term, there are plenty of options to consider. For instance, you may describe someone as ostentatious, pompous, affected, showy, or overblown. These words all refer to someone who is trying to appear more important or impressive than they truly are. Other possibilities include grandiose, inflated, or exaggerated. Each of these words has a slightly different connotation, but all can be used as alternatives to "pretentious" when describing someone or something that seems pretentious or phony.

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What are the opposite words for pretentious?

The word "pretentious" typically refers to someone who is showy or ostentatious, often with an emphasis on their status or wealth. However, there are plenty of antonyms that could be used to describe people who are the opposite of pretentious. Authentic is one good example, suggesting someone who is genuine, sincere and true to themselves. Modest is another term, implying someone who is humble, unassuming and down-to-earth. Finally, unpretentious is a directly opposite term for pretentious, suggesting someone who is simple, plain and unadorned. Ultimately, these antonyms all emphasize traits like honesty, simplicity and humility, which stand in contrast to the flashy, over-the-top qualities associated with pretentiousness.

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Usage examples for Pretentious

Plantin's own work as a printer was costly and pretentious rather than beautiful, and the bad style of his ornaments and initials exercised a powerful influence for evil on the printers of the ensuing century.
"Fine Books"
Alfred W. Pollard
Many will laugh at you and tell you that it is pretentious to name it so.
Hugh Walpole
He was very much excited, and looked foolish, with his round eyes and extraordinarily pretentious moustache.
William McFee

Famous quotes with Pretentious

  • My secret dream is to write an epic poem. That's probably the most pretentious thing I've said.
    Laurie Anderson
  • This sounds horribly pretentious, but I like to think that if music hadn't existed, I could have invented it.
    Harrison Birtwistle
  • Wow. I am really pretentious.
    Rob Corddry
  • Call it my little gesture toward social conscience, but I like to think I'm teaching a certain number of people to read. Now that sounds pretentious!
    David Eddings
  • I find a lot of young filmmakers make too much of an effort to be trendy and they can be pretentious.
    Sadie Frost

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