What is another word for exalted?

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[ ɛɡzˈɒltɪd], [ ɛɡzˈɒltɪd], [ ɛ_ɡ_z_ˈɒ_l_t_ɪ_d]

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How to use "Exalted" in context?

Exalted denotes an elevated consciousness or state of being. In religion, exalted refers to divinity or an aspect thereof. To be exalted typically connotes to be in a higher plane of existence than the mortal one or to be closer to God. The concept of exalted can befound in many religions and philosophies. In many Abrahamic religions, such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam, being exalted connotes belonging to God or a god. Exalted beings are often said to have a closer relationship with God than other beings. In Hinduism and many eastern religions, exalted beings are often referred to as gods or goddesses.

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