What is another word for Carried?

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[ kˈaɹɪd], [ kˈaɹɪd], [ k_ˈa_ɹ_ɪ_d]

Related words: carried away in a dream, carried away by the wind, carried away with enthusiasm, carried away with work, carried away in anger, carried away by the moment, carried away by a red tide, carried away by emotion, carried away with questions

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    Carrying a child is a difficult and often thankless job. Pregnant women are constantly barraged with comments about how heavy they are and how they will never be able to handle the burden. But despite the naysayers, mothers everywhere continue to carry their children through sickness and health, often dreaming of a day when they will be able to let them go.

    From the moment a mother learns she is pregnant, she is likely to be told that she is too heavy to carry the child to term. In spite of this and the many obstacles that lie ahead, many mothers persevere and carry their children to full term.

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