What is another word for fictive?

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Fictive is an adjective that describes something that is imaginary or made up. Synonyms for fictive include fictional, fabricated, whimsical, fanciful, invented, and imaginary. These words indicate something that is not based on reality or fact, but rather exists solely within the realms of imagination. Other options include fictitious, unreal, hypothetical, and imaginary. These words are commonly used to describe works of literature or other creative art forms. Fictive can also describe a person who is prone to making up stories or exaggerating the truth. Choosing the right synonym can help convey the intended meaning with precision.

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    A fictitious or imaginary story is an account that is not true. Many creative writers use fictitious stories to explore important themes, provoke thought, and entertain readers. Sometimes these stories have elements of reality, but they are ultimately designed to be entertaining.

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